#21 – Elliott Branch – 15APR2019

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-21-elliott-branch-15apr2019 https://youtu.be/Wp1s49LVqEY Mark interviews a friend and fellow busker: the actor, comedian & spokesperson Elliott Branch. See or hear Elliott and one can't help but notice he's a Samuel L. Jackson impersonator. You've seen him at the Laugh Factory Hollywood and in the film shorts "Anger Anonymous" (as Jules Winnfield) and "Deadpool the Musical 2 … Continue reading #21 – Elliott Branch – 15APR2019

#20 – Madison Shepard – 25MAR2019

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-20-madison-shepard-25mar2019 https://youtu.be/cgY3K53M1PY Mark interviews stand-up comedian, writer and actress Madison Shepard. Madison has opened for Maria Bamford and plays Jack on “Empty Space” (now streaming on Amazon Prime). She created two short cartoons for Comedy Central Digital’s “Saturday Morning-ish Cartoons”. And she produced and starred in the sketch show "Smile, Baby" which tackled catcalling at … Continue reading #20 – Madison Shepard – 25MAR2019

TOP 5, February Hiatus

From time to time the podcast takes a hiatus. Much like late night talk shows do. We did in December. We are now. Sometimes I've got time conflicts with other gigs (I am a working artist). Sometimes it's a budget issue. Look, I'd love to put the podcast out weekly. On the regular. But this … Continue reading TOP 5, February Hiatus

#2 – Cory Robinson 27AUG2018

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-2-cory-robinson-27aug2018 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wfgRDMC20z8&t=30s Mark interviews a fellow funny guy, also with San Francisco Bay Area comedy scene roots, the award-winning LA stand-up comic known for his #ItsNotAboutRaceTho posts and his Taco Bell Diet bit: Cory "Showtime" Robinson! Cory’s  IMDb  Twitter  Instagram  Facebook  YouTube See Cory Perform LIVE – schedule Taco Bell Diet VIDEO #MarijuanaMovieReview   Infinity War   John Wick 2 Show Notes Listen on Stitcher OR SoundCloud … Continue reading #2 – Cory Robinson 27AUG2018