TOP 5, February Hiatus

From time to time the podcast takes a hiatus. Much like late night talk shows do. We did in December. We are now. Sometimes I’ve got time conflicts with other gigs (I am a working artist). Sometimes it’s a budget issue. Look, I’d love to put the podcast out weekly. On the regular. But this empire doesn’t yet command the resources of a Conan. Or a Ron Burgundy. (Change that HERE).

Which means NOW is a phenomenal time to catch up on past episodes! You’re welcome. Personally (when I sense I’ll really dig a podcast), I start way back at the very beginning, with the first episode. Other people like to cherry-pick only the best. I feel like the podcast gets better with each episode. But some choose to go with the most listened, equating popularity with quality. (I’m not judging, I’m just noticing.) If that floats your boat, with the latest numbers across all platforms tallied, here are the TOP Five:

5 – Sammy Obeid (comedian as seen on Conan, 2036 presidential candidate)

4 – Ross Michael Johnson (Wolverine cosplayer/busker, Ultimate Shoe Bag entrepreneur)

3 – Hayley De-Sola Pinto (actor, model, jet-setter)

2 – Ashley Mary Nunes (scream queen actor, Wonder Woman cosplayer/busker)

1 – Cory Robinson (comedian as seen on Laughs on Fox)

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We’ll be back with episode #20 before you know it!

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