Mind you, Mark is NOT verified on Twitter.

Less than 1,300 follow him.

He follows more than 1400.

Yet more than 75 verifieds follow him.

Mark’s even had a few on his podcast:

#27 – John Di Domenico

#5, #26 – Sammy Obeid

#28 – TBA

… but not all …

Vegas friend
Yet to meet, but really dig “That Night”
Yet to meet this god among mere mortals
Yet to meet. I can run. Feel like Tom may have notes …
Really dig what they are doing
Yet to meet, busy with my Heroteer.org cause, but dig what they’re doing
Yet to meet. We may have msgd on social media. She thinks I’m a kind of nerd …
Wow! Legend who has performed with Quincy & Michael. Too groovy!
He was very gracious to my Lt. Frank, who heckled from an Uber outside the Comedy Store
Yet to meet, feel like she’ll know which veterans in 90028 Heroteer.org might help next.
Yet to meet. In person.
I hear her almost daily. Yet to meet.
Tom claimed my Lt. Frank is “bigger” on The Jeselnik Offensive on Comedy Central within 30 days of the character’s debut on Hollywood Blvd. Anthony askied. Marc Maron still not sure why. Tom has “Spread the News” with Lt. Frank on numerous occassions in Vegas and Los Angeles. Once Dicky Barrett of the Mighty Mighty Bosstones was involved (it made sense at the time). Tom and I both enjoy sensible walks, wearing short shorts (for work … right Tom? Tom?) and The Sweet & Tender Hooligans.
Eddie remains a national treasure. Why isn’t he on my podcast already? Don’t let the “Empire” in the name put you off Sir Edward! We can hate the big corporations together. I promise. A little product placement for Wells Fargo, LeScooterDouche app and the Friends reboot, and then we can read Howard Zinn together. I love you Eddie.
Apparently I should start attending the opera.
Mandy, we’ve yet to meet. But as the Son of Elmer Gantry’s Bitch and a Hillsdale College and The Big Short survivor, kinda feel like others have already “UN-ed” me. But I’m curious …
I’m a user. Of the app. The app. It’s a social media app.
We’ve yet to meet. You are amazing! Looking forward …
George is kind – We met when I was Paul Scally’s Ed McMahon for a hot minute at Grand Laughs at the Downtown Grand in Las Vegas.