TOP 5, February Hiatus

From time to time the podcast takes a hiatus. Much like late night talk shows do. We did in December. We are now. Sometimes I've got time conflicts with other gigs (I am a working artist). Sometimes it's a budget issue. Look, I'd love to put the podcast out weekly. On the regular. But this … Continue reading TOP 5, February Hiatus

#3 – Ross Michael Johnson – 03SEP2018 Mark's interview hits close to home: his neighbor, fellow SAG-AFTRA actor and fellow "Hollywood Avengers" busker: Ross Michael Johnson. Also known as "Hollywood Wolverine". Sponsored by Ella Dawn Designs. SAVE 10% when use Discount Code ROMAN @ checkout! Also sponsored by Hollywood Vegas 90210 and MERCH. Listen on Apple, Podbean, SoundCloud OR Stitcher Listen (& watch still images) on YouTube Show Notes … Continue reading #3 – Ross Michael Johnson – 03SEP2018