Heard the Pet Shop Boys “Being Boring”?

Watched The Young Ones endure “Boring”?

How about you? Are you … BORED?

Mark’s got you! Here’s a list of more than 20 things to do to pass the time. Oh! And maybe discover something new. Or make the world a slightly better place. We believe in you! Now go be … not bored:

  1. WATCH Do Re Mi – Covid 19 version …
  2. … and thank Heroteer Brett Davidson Creative for sharing by visiting his website for poster design, photography, logo design, painting and photo compositing
  3. LISTEN to Mark interview actors, comics, impersonators, buskers, bands, a nurse practitioner, a union organizer, a NFL cheerleader & more
  4. GET a Harvard education FREE!
  5. SEE Lt. Frank in The Hollywood Reporter
  6. WATCH Abe Weissman (Marvelous Mrs. Maisel) be ICONIC for 5 minutes straight
  7. DISCOVER exactly where to stream that groovy TV show or film
  8. WATCH Cards for Heroteers, featuring the hands that once doubled for Nicolas Cage.
  9. What does it look like when Lt. Frank “Spreads the News” with the California Highway Patrol? On horseback? LOOK
  10. DISCOVER Mark’s cause: Heroteer
  11. Think you’re The Man? Please. WATCH Taylor be the man.
  12. What’s your Cup Size? DISCOVER
  13. Who is my representative? INVESTIGATE
  14. What was Nick Swardson wearing when he met Lt. Frank? LOOK
  15. LISTEN to Heroteer #OpKeepRoom prize donor John Di Domenico be played and discussed on Howard Stern
  16. WATCH what Bill Burr said about Lt. Frank in Hollywood
  17. LISTEN to Veronica Porras interview Mark on PorAss Podcast
  18. What did Ponch say to Lt. Frank in Vegas? SEE
  19. How many Realtors in the San Francisco East Bay Area help end homelessness by Heroteering for Venka? EXPLORE
  20. ENROLL in a FREE Storytelling Webinar (by Ersilia Pompilio RN,MSN, PNP)
  21. HEAR Mark interview Nurse Ersilia in episodes 09 & 25.
  22. LISTEN to Nurse Ersilia interview Mark on Nurses & Hypochondriacs
  23. REGISTER for the Mark Roman Empire CENSUS to be eligible for weekly drawings for cool prizes (requires Sermo Maximus)
  24. LISTEN to the podcast for this week’s Sermo Maximus.
  25. What IS a “Heroteer”? DISCOVER
  26. READ Mark’s poem Son of Elmer Gantry’s Bitch
  27. WATCH Heroteer & Trump impersonation sensation Johnny Di Domenico in “Fake News, A Trump Story” on Amazon
  28. LISTEN to director of photography Shawn Schaffer interview Mark on The Weekend Take
  29. WATCH Mark in a key moment during the film The Trust (Nicolas Cage, Elijah Wood, Jerry Lewis).

Check back soon for only . . . so much more …