Your mental health is important! You may feel alone, unheard, unloved, not wanted. I have too. As powerful and overwhelming as it feels, it does pass. It did for me. Our society can be cruel to people like us. They can ignore us. Dismiss us. Make what feels like a bad situation even worse. But HELP is available. There are people who care about YOU. I found such people. I care. About you. If it all feels like too much, CALL 1-800-273-8255. – Mark

Mark has a history of trauma (including Religious Trauma Syndrome), depression, and suicide ideation. He’s survived all of that with help. But many obstacles had to be overcome. Obstacles that remain. For so many.

This page will continue to evolve . . .

At the moment, the mental health of customers of T-Mobile and Charter Spectrum is under attack. Customers who knew about, asked for, and successfully obtained payment extensions under the Keep Americans Connected pledge … they continue to get collection calls, demands for payment and “to Avoid Service Interruption” threats. What might help is official verfication of any extension and promise not to disconnect. Both companies refuse to provide such peace of mind. Apparently that task of … communication … is a struggle. For companies. In … communication. Their “system” can’t change. It is “too hard”. What do you think? If you think the “system” must change, please sign Mark’s petitions to T-Mobile and Charter Spectrum. Thanks!

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