CONTEST, Weekly Best Listener – Qualifications


  1. SUBSCRIBE to the Census
  2. PRINT the MRE podcast flyer
  3. POST the printed flyer to a groovy visible location, like social or bulletin boards in real life (community, park, office, etc.)
  4. Take a SELFIE with your posted flyer
  5. POST on Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn with hashtag #MarkRomanEmpire
  6. TAG Mark or the MRE podcast:  Instagram  Facebook  LinkedIn
  7. LIKE or FOLLOW Mark or MRE on the social media where tagged
  8. REPLY to the week’s Census email with:
    • LINK to your social media post
    • Contest PASSPHRASE mentioned during that week’s podcast (which you heard while listening to the podcast)
  9. Your qualified entry drawn makes you the


of an autographed Lt. Frank headshot
+ a bonus surprise