Heroteer 4 Venka! (her GoFundMe)

My friend Venka Anderson (her Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) is going through an insanely difficult time.  As of 08 NOV 2018 she’s living in her car.  Sometimes she qualifies for emergency shelter.  She suffered a stroke 2 years ago. What healthcare did she receive? Curious minds might suspect malpractice.  The recent stroke diagnosis is 2 years late.  Her adopted mother’s caregiver for years, Venka was my colleague back in the day.  She worked as operations manager when I wrote mortgage loans (sorry about that!) at Capital Market Funding (Danville, CA) in the 2000’s, prior to The Big Short.  (Read my article on Medium.) She could sure use our help today!

  • DONATE to Venka’s GoFundMe
  • DONATE to Venka’s Venmo
  • DONATE to Venka’s CASH app. (Venka can immediately use your donation.)

For the list of how to help Venka, scroll down to the HOW to HELP section below.  Thanks!

This is actually Venka, Will’s dog Andy, and a mutual friend. Photo of Venka, Will and Andy in progress . . .

I’m no longer in real estate or finance, but I gave a little to Venka’s GoFundMe. And I’m currently a lower class SAG-AFTRA working artist attempting to build a podcast audience. I’m in no position to donate. But I did. Because I remember the darker times of my own struggles.  I remember the strangers and people I barely knew who heroteered for me when I was homeless and in the depths of depression.  While my family and “friends” reminded me how I wasn’t worshipping Jesus correctly.  Or that I was a black sheep who needed to mend his ways.  Or “the acting isn’t working out”.  Hard to hear.  And not helpful.  I can’t imagine what it’s like after a stroke.

Venka needs our help.  Who do you know who can DONATE $5?  Or more?  It’s a great way to heroteer.  And as we all know, you can’t heroteer … without HER.

For the list of how to help Venka, scroll down to the HOW to HELP section below.  Thanks!

I’d love to cut a check for $20,000.  Right now.  I can’t.  What I CAN do is offer you extra SWAG when you DONATE.  Here’s HOW:

  1. BUY my $9 CITATION or $15 POEM
  2. DONATE at least $20 to Venka’s GoFundMe
  3. EMAIL me evidence of both

… and I’ll include with your $9 CITATION or $15 POEM purchase an autographed copy of my Lt. Frank PHOTO.  For FREE!!!


For the list of how to help Venka, scroll down to the HOW to HELP section below.  Thanks!

In other words, instead of paying $34 for two items of my SWAG, you could pay only $29.  And $20 goes directly to Venka. (You’ll pay a small additional fee to GoFundMe so it does not come out of what Venka needs – when I donated $5 it was $1, so $6 total, which works out best for Venka – kinda the whole point here.)


Read Updates at Venka’s BLOG.


  • DONATE to Venka’s GoFundMe (Can be immediate, but some donations can take up to 3 business days to reach Venka.  But each donation does improve the metrics, giving Venka increased visibility on the GoFundMe platform.  Include your name to publish with your donation to qualify for inclusion in Heroteer Honor Roll below.)
  • DONATE to Venka’s CASH app. (Venka can immediately use your donation.)
  • FRIEND Venka on Facebook Instagram Twitter (Be kind! Act as if your every interaction with Venka the whole world can see.  If Mark is not a mutual friend, you will have to take extra steps to prove yourself)
  • SHARE this PAGE with your friends, family, colleagues, clubs, community organizations, etc. (your circle of influence) in person and on social media, via text message, messaging apps, emails, etc.
  • CALL 5 people today and ask them to match your $5 donation to Venka
  • Donate FREQUENT FLYER or REWARDS POINTS for a hotel for Venka tonight. EMAIL to arrange.
  • Donate GIFT CARDS you are not using.  For shipping address: EMAIL to arrange. (When I was struggling a friend from Vegas visited Hollywood and gave me a Trader Joes gift card their family hadn’t used.  That’s how I ate that day!)
  • Donate a VEHICLE you are not using.  In good condition!  As of 09 NOV 2018 Venka was dealing with bald tires, one of them flat.  Her economic plight means no regular auto maintenance.  Probably an SUV or van (her vehicle is her home at the moment) with reasonable fuel efficiency (high fuel bills will not help).  EMAIL to arrange.


  • Tell Venka you PRAY for her. (If you truly believe in the power of prayer, her knowledge is not required, is it?)
  • Tell Venka she is in your THOUGHTS. (May feel good to you.  Not to Venka.)
  • Offer Venka ADVICE. (She’s received plenty.  Aim your lectures at Mark.  He has the emotional bandwidth at the moment.  Venka does not)
  • Discuss your RELIGION with Venka. (She’s not religion shopping.  She’s a human in crisis.)
  • SHAME Venka for anything for any reason.  (She’s a superhero surviving in spite of a stroke, medical malpractice, and homelessness.  She deserves praise, encouragement and support.)

I regret the above section is necessary.  Unfortunately, the behavior of good American citizens in 2018, as well as my own personal experiences (I’ve struggled with mental health and homelessness), obligate me to teach kindergarten manners to adults.  Many reading this already know how to behave like ladies and gentlemen.  But enough do not.  Venka needs our help.  Not new pain.

HEROTEERS Honor Roll ($5 or more donations to Venka’s GoFundMe)

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