to Ask Your Hollywood Tour Guide

  • Do you distinguish between facts, rumors, and lies?
  • Does your tour include a bibliography?
  • Did you attend college?
  • … on an academic scholarship?
  • Are YOU a celebrity?
  • Were you ruled a celebrity by a federal judge?
  • Were you mentioned in an article in Vanity Fair?
  • Are you a busker?
  • Are you a comedian?
  • Are you a SAG-AFTRA union screen actor?
  • How many IMDb credits do you have?
  • Do you produce & host a podcast?
  • Were you ever paid to perform as Beetlejuice, Ron Burgundy, Buddy the Elf, or Bad Santa?
  • Were you ever interviewed in The Hollywood Reporter?
  • Were you ever interviewed on KTLA 5 TV?
  • Have you ever written a fake citation?
  • … and issued personalized copies (in person) to more than 10,000 people, mostly strangers (from around the world)?
  • Have you ever issued a fake citation (in person) to David Spade, Kelly Osborne or Joe Jonas?
  • Has Erik Estrada ever pointed at you and said “It’s a good look”?
  • Has Thomas Lennon ever said of you “He’s a really big dude, he looks really good, he’s a lot bigger than me.”
  • Did you ever write lines Hank Azaria spoke on camera for an NBC prime-time sitcom?
  • Did Bill Burr ever say of you “I f***ing love this guy!”?
  • … on Driving with Bill on All Things Comedy?
  • … and point to you on the YouTube episode cover image?
  • Were you ever a hand double or stand-in for Nicolas Cage?
  • Were you ever hired by Showtime’s Ray Donovan?
  • … to play a character you created?

(This list in progress, visit again soon …)