Happy Holidays 2018!

Happy Holidays!  It’s been a crazy 2018!  Here at the Mark Roman Empire we launched the audio podcast and published 14 weekly episodes.  Ergo, Mark Roman Empire (also a podcast).  Now we’re taking a holiday hiatus.  Which means a wonderful time for you to catch up on any episodes you may have missed!   LISTEN

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What’s your New Year’s Eve plans?  JOIN ME!  I’ll be the emcee at the New Wave NYE party 31 DEC 2018 at the Viper Room on the Sunset Strip.  The event is produced by Freddie Morales (HEAR him on podcast #8) and his band Devotional headlines.  Devotional’s new line up rocked the house at the Depeche Mode Convention 2018 at Avalon Hollywood!  Join me for more fun this NYE!  Save $$ while supplies last!  GET your TICKETS now!

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The current plan is to be back with new audio podcasts in January.  And VENKA still needs a few more heroteers to HELP her during this holiday season. 

Have fun!  Be groovy and safe!  Happy Holidays!

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Cory Robinson Interview Post Stream

Last night I interviewed stand-up comic Cory Showtime Robinson.  Good time catching up with him!  From our early comedy days up in the San Francisco Bay Area to what Cory’s doing now in LA, you can hear it all when the podcast drops Monday the 27th.  I got to see Cory’s stand-up comedy when he hosted at Ha Ha’s in North Hollywood last night.  Don’t miss his act!  Discover when and where to see Cory perform HERE.

#1 – Ashley Mary Nunes 20AUG2018

Mark finally launches his podcast.
Some Dean Martin Markeoke, laying the groundwork during the monologue, then the interview: fellow busker, Wonder Woman cosplayer and award-winning actress of the horror film “All Through the House” … Ashley Mary Nunes!

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Nunes, Ashley Mary - Cover Collage (MRE site)

(Recorded at Jung Records, North Hollywood, CA. Recorded by Major Wynn. Mixed and mastered by Austin Isshac.)