#13 – Alice Ko – 12NOV2018

Mark interviews singer, pianist, SAG-AFTRA & stage actor Alice Ko of Kung Fu Panda 3, The Shuttle & Silicon Valley. She shares her journey from Hong Kong, to whatever set in San Francisco where she and Mark met, to Hollywood. Mark attempts to learn a little Cantonese.

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Cover Collage (MRE site)

Recorded at Musicians Institute, Hollywood, CA.
Recorded, mixed & mastered by Ollie Holliday.


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#11 – Paul Louis Harrell – 29OCT2018

Mark interviews fellow SAG-AFTRA actor and busker Paul Louis Harrell. The gentlemen from Louisville, Kentucky shares why he pursued acting instead of video game design, the pros and cons of busking as Joker and Ironman in Hollywood, and his latest projects as a Chubbuck method actor. Paul plays Norman Kerry in the upcoming film “Silent Life”.

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Pretending & Taylor Von (groovy music both)

Cover Photo Collage (MRE site)

Recorded, mixed & mastered Ollie Holliday.
Recorded at Musician’s Institute, Hollywood, CA.

#4 – Debra Haden – 10SEP2018

Mark interviews fellow period piece SAG-AFTRA actor, Debra Haden. Debra stars in the award-winning film “Scumbag”. She’s also an animator, designer, and artist. Is she a “complex flower” or a “Feminine Oddity”? Both? You decide.

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Scumbag film


(Recorded at Jung Records, North Hollywood, CA. Recorded, mixed and mastered by Austin Isshac.)

#1 – Ashley Mary Nunes 20AUG2018

Mark finally launches his podcast.
Some Dean Martin Markeoke, laying the groundwork during the monologue, then the interview: fellow busker, Wonder Woman cosplayer and award-winning actress of the horror film “All Through the House” … Ashley Mary Nunes!

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Nunes, Ashley Mary - Cover Collage (MRE site)

(Recorded at Jung Records, North Hollywood, CA. Recorded by Major Wynn. Mixed and mastered by Austin Isshac.)