#22 – “Salt” – 04MAR2020

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-22-salt-04mar2020 After an 11 month hiatus, Mark returns.Who needs guests? Not Bill Burr or Greg Proops. Mark joins the flexible format brigade. And brings you up to speed. Where'd the beard go? What's Lt. Frank up to? How's Venka? What is Heroteer? Mark delivers answers.Recorded at Mark's humble abode, Hollywood, CA.Recorded, mixed & mastered by … Continue reading #22 – “Salt” – 04MAR2020

#11 – Paul Louis Harrell – 29OCT2018

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-11-paul-louis-harrell-29oct2018/s-6kD2k https://youtu.be/-egHJ40114g Mark interviews fellow SAG-AFTRA actor and busker Paul Louis Harrell. The gentlemen from Louisville, Kentucky shares why he pursued acting instead of video game design, the pros and cons of busking as Joker and Ironman in Hollywood, and his latest projects as a Chubbuck method actor. Paul plays Norman Kerry in the upcoming … Continue reading #11 – Paul Louis Harrell – 29OCT2018

#3 – Ross Michael Johnson – 03SEP2018

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-3-ross-michael-johnson-03sep2018/s-OBLX6 https://youtu.be/tMv4ppAPAAo Mark's interview hits close to home: his neighbor, fellow SAG-AFTRA actor and fellow "Hollywood Avengers" busker: Ross Michael Johnson. Also known as "Hollywood Wolverine". Sponsored by Ella Dawn Designs. SAVE 10% when use Discount Code ROMAN @ checkout! Also sponsored by Hollywood Vegas 90210 and MERCH. Listen on Apple, Podbean, SoundCloud OR Stitcher Listen (& watch still images) on YouTube Show Notes … Continue reading #3 – Ross Michael Johnson – 03SEP2018