#38 – Joe Klocek – 24JUN2020

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-38-joe-klocek-24jun2020 https://youtu.be/mpVc72peIJE A stand-up comic based in San Francisco, Joe Klocek also works with the homeless and addicted in the Tenderloin. He once spent 3 months in Shanghai as an artist in residency at a comedy club. Joe's a guy in recovery, working on being a good guy and a tolerable Zoom comedian. SF Best … Continue reading #38 – Joe Klocek – 24JUN2020

#37 – Kevin Munroe – 17JUN2020

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-37-kevin-munroe-17jun2020 https://youtu.be/8Wte920EyaI Kevin Munroe is a Trinidad-born comedian and actor based in Los Angeles. A regular at major clubs and theaters nationwide, Kevin has worked with top talent including Tracy Morgan, Paul Mooney, Eddie Pepitone, Loni Love, and W.Kamau Bell. Kevin began performing standup comedy in San Francisco while working as a software engineer. After … Continue reading #37 – Kevin Munroe – 17JUN2020

#36 – Jen Friel – 10JUN2020

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-36-jen-friel-10jun2020 https://youtu.be/M_aFEYIAWQI Jen Friel launched her first business when she was 8 years old. A writer, she created the blog sensation "Talk Nerdy to Me Lover". Of course Jen's delivered a TED Talk. Oh, and Jerry Bruckheimer bought her life rights. Twice. She's also another Verified who follows Mark on Twitter. And apparently Mark first … Continue reading #36 – Jen Friel – 10JUN2020

#35 – Liberty & Justice for …? – 03JUN2020

https://soundcloud.com/markromanpodcast/mre-pod-35-liberty-justice-for-03jun2020 https://youtu.be/I5wcFg-zlBI Is the Pledge of Allegiance a vicious lie? Mark shares his thoughts and actions in response to the global movement protesting the murder of fellow American George Floyd by a white police officer. Join Mark in supporting Black Lives Matter. LISTEN on Apple, Mixcloud, Podbean, SoundCloud, Stitcher, Tunein, YouTube stay tuned for further links … Continue reading #35 – Liberty & Justice for …? – 03JUN2020