#26 – Pandemic Check Ins pt. 2 – 01APR2020

We wrap what we started last week. Quarantine & social distancing status checks. Cup size? The last of the famous international appetizer-sized conversations with: Ace Katano of Ground Game LA (we finish!), Stefanie Estes of “Tales from the Loop” (streams on Amazon April 03rd), director of photography & host of The Weekend Take podcast Shawn Schaffer, actor & renaissance human Debra Haden & filmmaker husband Mars Roberge – both of the 2017 film “Scumbag” – tell their crazy Escape from Pandemic New York story, and Sammy Obeid the comedian and dude in the white lab coat you’ve been watching on “100 Humans” on Netflix. (Sammy’s still running for President.) Mark’s scientist son Connor makes his debut on the pod in the “Connor Caveat”.

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Ace Katano GroundGameLA * Covid-19 Mutual Aid Network * instagram * Twitter * MRE Pod #10

Stefanie Estes Tales from the Loop (Amazon) * IMDb * instagram * MRE Pod #7

Shawn Schaffer The Weekend Take podcast * Patreon * IMDb * instagram

Debra Haden Roberge IMDb * instagram* website * MRE Pod #4

Mars Roberge Scumbag * Mister Sister NYC * The Little House That Could * IMDb * instagram

Sammy Obeid 100 Humans (Netflix) * IMDb * instagram * MRE Pod #5

Connor Nehls-Ramos (Connor Caveat) LinkedIn


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Recorded at the Raymond Chandler Memorial Water Closet Sound Booth and Mark’s Reasonable Desk, Hollywood, CA.
Recorded by Mark Roman.
Mixed & mastered by Ollie Holliday.

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