Hiatus (also a podcast)

In case you hadn’t noticed, the last podcast episode dropped back in April. There hasn’t been an episode 22. Or season 2. (Really Conan and Burgundy?! Podcasts have seasons?! Hurry, someone tell Maron, Burr and Rogan!)


Here at the Empire we’ve been taking care of Mark. Hiking Runyon and hitting the gym more. Screening more FYC film & TV offerings. Drinking more farmers market powered smoothies. Avoiding entangling alliances. Aka relationships. Making Mark … Markier.

Oh, and acting a bit. Some evidence of which can be found over at my IMDb. Tis’ the season for football tailgates, so Lt. Frank has been busy protecting tailgaters from democracy and Jimmy Kimmel. Rumor has it Lt. Frank will make a cameo at a recovery event in Portland in the new year. And the custom citations require research. So I’m going to a 12 Step Program meeting … but I don’t have a problem. Right …

Venka of “Will & Grace 2.0” still needs our help. And a home.

The beard? Yeah, I miss it, too. It suffered a tragic end. I blame the town.

In any event, there will be more podcast! We’re shoring up the empire, hopefully without needlessly crossing any Rubicons. You may find some hints and clues over on my Twitter and instagram. In the meantime, it’s a great time to catch up on the first 21 episodes. Maybe share with a friend?Thanks!

Stay tuned!

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